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Ven. Dagpo Lama Rinpoche's Public Teaching Schedule at Prasadha Jinarakkhita, Jakarta (20-21 December 2014)
Ven. Dagpo Rinpoche will explain a renown Buddhist teaching tradition from Tibet, The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, which is a Mahayana tradition based on the text Liberation in Our Hand that was compiled by Pabongkha Rinpoche. It is part of the Lamrim Chen Mo tradition which in turn is the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment in the Gelugpa tradition based on Atisha’s Lamp of The Path to Enlightenment
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66 Days to Go: 2014 South East Asia Lamrim Festival with Ven. Dagpo Rinpoche
The annual Lamrim Festival in South East Asia region will be commencing in about two months period. Guided by Ven. Dagpo Lama Rinpoche, the event hosted some 600 participants in December 2012. The oral transmission and explanation will be continued this December with the below schedule
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One Heart, One Devotion: Year End Event Dedicated to the Kind Guru
“There is no guarantee that after this life we will not be born in the lower realm,” said Je Rinpoche. If we are willing to be more honest with ourselves, the certainty is for us to be born in the lower realms. Why? Because we spontaneously conduct bad karma, we do not create good karma, even if we do, the karma is mostly grey—half good, half bad. Thus, we have to urge ourselves so as not to
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Sending Bandung Breeze to the Land of Windmills--Remarks from Ven. Bhadra Ruci on the Inauguration of Kadam Choeling Holland
We are very fortunate to once again meet our Guru whose kindness exceed those of the Buddhas, enabling us to drink a few drops of his Dharma amirta. Through Dharma communities, this precious lineage is made possible to be continued and widespread in order to give considerable great benefits to many people. The existence of Dharma communities is highly important for the
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Let us unite the effort to accumulate virtue and merit together One million rupiah from each person means the prayers for our Guru, Our parents, and all sentient beings. This merit accumulation is dedicated to Ven. Dagpo Rinpoche. May the Guru live long, May more and more people can receive his teachings.
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