Commemoration of Bhante Ashin’s 10th Parinirwana Year (by Bhadra Ruci)18 Apr '12

Namo Sanghyang Adi Buddhaya
Namo Buddhaya, Bodhisatwaya-Mahasatwaya.

Ten years ago, when all members of Sangha Agung Indonesia held the prayers for Sukong’s recovery in Jakarta, at that time we were reminded that all of us there were actually consuming his left-overs. How could it not be so, he is the founding father of Buddhayana, a container to hold different kinds of schools and sects in the diverse nusantara culture. He is the founding father of Buddhism in Indonesia. Currently we can see many people practicing the Dharma. We can see many Sangha members and Dharma centers established everywhere, viharas being built throughout the country. All of these are due to his great contribution and service.

One afternoon about ten years ago, while studying in India, I received a phone call from Bandung, saying that Sukong had passed away. Immediately I informed the news to France. Dagpo Rinpoche suggested me to quickly return to Indonesia, to join the funeral ceromony dedicated to him. Rinpoche said that Sukong was a great man who revived the Buddha Dharma in Indonesia. His contribution and service are enormous. For Rinpoche, Sukong is one of the people of deep impression, due to his modesty and character.

Today, Indonesia longs for the presence of a great character such as Sukong, who inspires the spirit of a pure Dharma practice. The great number of developing dharma centers also affects the decreasing of faith of the buddhist to the law of Karma and faith on the Three Jewels. Our daily busyness emphasize on these present lives, we neglect the pure dharma practice.

The increasing number of developing dharma centers does not necessarily become the parameter for the development of people’s mind. A lot of us wearing upasaka or monk robes just to fulfill the craving on social status and the pride on the business of being involved in organizations. I strongly believe that this is not what Sukong would like to see. I remember his biography “Sowing the Seeds of Dharma in Nusantara,” in which he said that he would like to see saints everywhere. We are far from saints.

Today is the 10th commemoration of Sukong’s parinirvana. The people of Indonesia long for a figure such as Sukong, who inspires dharma practice and bestows the spirit of harmony in the diversity of the Buddha Dharma, within the colorful culture of Indonesia. May the best Indonesian sons and daughters and prominent figures who are the emanations of the past gurus of the Indonesian people re-appear in the soul of every buddhist in Indonesia, especially to the big family of Buddhayana Indonesia.

May the seeds of Buddhayana sowed by him will not decline, but grow rapidly.

Sarwa manggalam,
Bhadra Ruci
Maha Lekhanadikari Sangha Agung Indonesia

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