30th Anniversary Starts with Thank You Notes for Kyabje Dagpo Rinpoche

  • August 24, 2018

KYABJE DAGPO RINPOCHE first came to Indonesia on August 15th, 1989. He landed on Bali soil to visit this country for the very first time. By the year 2019, Indonesia will commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Kyabje Rinpoche’s activities in Indonesia, with projects and offerings titled: THREE DECADES OF NOBLE THOUGHT (CIPTA), GREAT MOTIVATION (KARSA), AND EXCELLENT WORK (KARYA) IN NUSANTARA.

For a start of the commemoration, there is a program titled “Tri Dasawarsa Challenge” held by Kadam Choeling Indonesia. The challenge is to write a thank you note for Kyabje Rinpoche and to post the note along with a photo of Kyabje Rinpoche in the social media. The purpose is to share the 30th Anniversary agenda, for people to observe and also to share their feelings of rejoicing. Twenty persons have participated in the challenge and submitted their Thank You Notes. Below is an English translation of a Thank You Note written by Steffie Tenzil, a student of Kadam Choeling Indonesia since 2008 who currently works in a multinational company in Jakarta, Indonesia.


@steftanz wrote:

The first time I knew Rinpoche was ten years ago. At that time, I joined in for sessions merely because I was told to. However, the more I listen to His teachings, the more I am interested to continue my study until the present time, simply because His teachings are meaningful and beneficial.

Thanks to Rinpoche, I learn the true meaning of happiness and the real meaning of human life, not only pursuing material possessions. Although Rinpoche already in His very ripe age, He always try to meet with us by undergoing the hardship of traveling from France to Indonesia, which is a very tiring long trip. At every single session, He will teach all day long, every single day, for almost ten full days, by sitting up straight, without leaning backward, and without showing any signs of tiredness. He always pay attention to us, regardless of our status. Even though He Himself is very well respected, but He always shows his modesty and always smiling in front of us, causing all of us here, regardless of knowing Him directly or not, to feel a kind of courtesy (in Bahasa Indonesia: segan) towards Him.

I feel that it is not something exaggerating to say that without Him, I will never be able to enjoy a life like the one I am having now (a good life, a harmonious family, many caring friends, smooth education and career). I feel that this thank you message will not ever be enough to express how great my gratitude towards Him.

I hope that I will be able to see Rinpoche in many more upcoming times. Thank you, Rinpoche.