To All the Teachers : Message by Ven. Bhadra Ruci

  • November 27, 2015

People sending me complements for Teacher’s Day but the real salutation for a Guru should definitely goes to Rinpoche. Dagpo Rinpoche. He teaches us the most fundamental lesson, which is the importance of spirituality in our lives. We should recall the Guru’s great kindness every day until we can really feel it within our hearts. Then, we will have the fighting spirit, all the effort needed, for us to really fight for something really important in our lives. Teacher’s Day also goes to all the teachers who are teaching, the Sumati Kirti Team, the monastic Sangha members, or just about any one of you who are taking care or teaching someone for his/her better sake. Happy Teacher’s Day.

– Ven. Bhadra Ruci, founder of Lamrim Study and Practice Community based on the Suwarnadwipa’s Golden Lineage tradition –

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